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Ever feel like your web content is moving slower than a
herd of turtles?

Now's your chance to snap out of the slow lane without even having to
stick your neck out.

Introducing Content Consultation Services from Premier Content Source

Here at Premier Content Source, we're always happy to answer questions from our loyal clients and soon-to-be clients. After all, before you do business with us, you want to understand how we operate and what kind of finished product you can expect.

But what if you've got more than just a few basic questions? What if you're not sure what kind of content to order in the first place? What if you know your web content strategy isn't quite right, but you don't know how to fix it?

That's where our Content Consulting Services come in!

Whether you're about to build a new website from scratch or you need to give your existing website a content makeover, consider our Content Consulting Services to be your lifeboat... We can keep you from drowning in a sea of competitors!


How does it work?

Nicole Beckett, the Owner of Premier Content Source, handles all of the Content Consulting duties personally. When you take advantage of our Content Consulting services, you'll get a 30-minute, one-on-one phone call with Nicole. You can ask her detailed questions about your web content, discuss ways to use new content to stand out ahead of your competitors, ask her for suggestions for a new content writing strategy, or have her evaluate your current web content.


The beauty of our Content Consulting services is that you're in charge! This is your chance to pick the brain of a true web content specialist!


Why listen to Nicole? What makes her a web content specialist?

In just a few short years, Nicole has transformed Premier Content Source from an idea into a leading SEO content writing company. Thanks to the web content strategy that Nicole has come up with, Premier Content Source is at the top of the Google rankings. Our web traffic gets higher every day. We have thrived amongst all of the Panda and Penguin updates. Our team is considered to be true leaders in the content writing world.

Plus, Nicole has writing experience that can't be beat. In addition to spending more than a decade as a TV news anchor and reporter, Nicole is constantly writing new things for the web -- whether it's on her own blog, in our "Advice from the Experts" section, or for authoritative internet marketing websites around the world. She's the best person to tell you where your web content strategy is falling short -- and what you can do to turn it around!


Thanks to our Content Consulting Services, you can learn how to:


Use content to establish your expertise
Show readers what makes you different from your competitors
Prove to your target audience that you're the business they should be working with


If your current web content strategy isn't doing all of these things, you're missing out on countless visitors and profits -- and it's time to make a change!


So, how can you arrange for a Content Consulting session?

The process couldn't be easier.

For $45, you'll get a 30-minute phone session with Nicole. You can rest easy knowing your financial information is safe, thanks to our payment processor, PayPal.

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Step 1:  Place your order below.
Click on the secure PayPal button below to make payment.

Step 2:  PayPal will direct you to a brief form where you will provide your name, phone contact information, and two time alternatives of your choice. I'll confirm your appointment time within 1 business day. Phone calls will be scheduled Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM-5:00 PM EST. Don't forget to include your time zone!

Step 3:  Email Nicole at with any materials you'd like her to review before your phone call. For example, you may want to send her a link to your website so that she can evaluate the content on it. Or, you may want to send her the sales copy you're thinking of using on your new website, so that she can assess it before it gets published.

On the day of your scheduled consultation Nicole will call you at the specified time.


Our Content Consulting is a specialized service designed to give you one-on-one advice, expert evaluations, and a content writing strategy that can help your business thrive. If you just have some basic questions that can be answered in an email or two, Nicole will be happy to answer them for you -- free of charge!