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Call off the dogs!  It's your turn to stand out from the crowd!


Need a better way to tell your website visitors how your products and services can benefit them?


Want an interesting way to showcase your products' features -- without resorting to hyped-up guarantees and pie-in-the-sky promises?



You're in luck ... The SEO copywriting services from Premier Content Source can help you do all of that -- And so much more!


Let's face it, website copywriting is totally different than the writing you showcase in your SEO articles and blog posts. That's because, in addition to establishing your expertise, the copy on your website also needs to:

Show your target audience what makes you different from your competitors
Target specific keywords
Convince people to do business with you

…All without being "pushy", "cheesy" or "slimy"!


If you use the wrong SEO copywriting technique, you risk being seen as a "wannabe", instead of a "somebody". Instead of impressing visitors and convincing them that your website is the right place to spend their hard-earned money, the wrong web copy can make you look like a laughing stock!


So, what can the SEO copywriting services from
Premier Content Source
do for you?

We'll make sure that your web copy answers readers' questions and provides them with an easy way to solve their problems.
We'll provide you with web copy that's informative, so that you come across as an expert in your niche.
We'll give you web copy that's compelling, so that people WANT to read it all the way to the end.
We'll incorporate your target keywords naturally. After all, successful SEO copywriting appeals to human readers -- not just search engine spiders!


We'll present you and your business as honest and legitimate.  We don't believe that website copywriting should focus on hype.  We don't believe in countless red exclamation points, bold guarantees, and promises that are too good to be true.  We know your target audience is too smart to fall for that!

But we're professional journalists.  Our work centers around hard-core facts… What qualifies us to handle your website copywriting duties?

There's more "selling" in the TV news business than you might think!

Sure, good news stories are factual, present both sides, and never let the reporter's opinions get in the way.  However, there's a lot of "selling" that goes into getting those stories on the air and into your living room:

In the newsroom, we don't just get handed stories. Instead, we have to pitch ideas in daily news meetings -- meaning we have to be able to sell our story ideas to a room full of people.


While we're working on our stories throughout the day, we're working hard to make sure that the finished product showcases a news team you can trust. All of those soundbites, graphics, and live shots don't just tell the story of the day. They also show you that we're credible, that we're on the pulse of developments around the community, and that we're the station that people turn to when they need a helping hand.


During your primetime shows, we're running promos that encourage you to tune in at 11:00. We show you snippets of our story and convince you to watch our newscast, instead of turning on one of the other 500 channels you have.


During the newscast itself, we work to keep you watching until the end. All of those "teases" heading into a commercial break are nothing more than sales pitches designed to keep you from changing the channel.


When you think about it, what we do on a daily basis is no different from what you're trying to do… Our product just happens to be a newscast!


Here at Premier Content Source, we know how to present features and benefits in an interesting, easy-to-understand way.  And, in the end, that's what good SEO copywriting is all about!

So, how can you take advantage of our SEO copywriting services?


Purchasing Is Easy


Step 1:  Pick a word length from one of the choices below to place your order.  Your privacy is safe and secure with our payment processor, PayPal.

Step 2:  Following your payment to PayPal, you'll be directed to our personalized order form that asks for some basic information -- like your target keywords, your URL, and any special instructions you may have for us. 

Step 3:  You'll get an immediate response from us -- typically within one business day.  Like everything else we offer, our owner, Nicole Beckett, personally coordinates all of our SEO copywriting services.  She'll get in touch with you once your order has been received, and she'll work with you along the way to answer any questions you might have.

Step 4:  Within a few business days, you'll have website copywriting that you can be proud of… It's that easy!


 * Sorry, due to the extra time and research that is required, single SEO Copywriting orders cannot be divided into multiple pages/topics.  For example, clients cannot place a  701-1,000 word order and ask that it be split into 2 or 3 smaller orders.

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