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Why haven’t you started an online video marketing campaign?

Do you think it’s too expensive?

Do you think it’s too difficult?

Do you think you’ll sound or look ridiculous on camera?

We're here to change all of that for you!

Most businesses haven’t gotten around to online video marketing yet … Why not be the one who sets the pace, instead of playing catch-up?

Thanks to the video script services at Premier Content Source, you can hand over your script writing duties to a team of professional journalists. We know how to create video scripts that will set you miles ahead of your competitors.

Forget about babysitting $2 writers or stumbling through poorly-written content... After all, you only have a few seconds to catch viewers’ attention. Miss that window, and you’ll miss out on conversions! But with the video scripts from Premier Content Source, you’ll get the research, the creativity, and the expertise that you can only find in professional productions.


What makes us different?


All of our writers have professional TV newsroom experience.

We have all covered breaking news, live reports, feature stories, and in-depth issues. We will handle your video scripts with the same passion and expertise that we use to write a script for the 6:00 news ... and, of course, your scripts will also be completely optimized for SEO purposes!


But when you take advantage of the video script writing services at Premier Content Source, you get a whole lot more than just words on a page.

That’s because Nicole Beckett, the owner of Premier Content Source, will personally time each video script before it’s sent off to you. Nicole is a former news anchor who knows how to speak confidently and clearly on camera. That's why ratings at her last TV station hit an all-time high right after she was promoted to the main anchor desk!

Most people tend to speak too quickly when they get in front of a camera – turning a 30-second script into a video that only lasts for 15 seconds. But when you follow Nicole’s timing, you will be able to speak with the confidence and cadence of a professional newscaster …

How many other online video script marketing services can offer you that?!


So, how can an online video marketing campaign help you? What exactly can you do with your videos once we’ve written a professional script for you?


The possibilities are endless!

Put a video on your site that welcomes visitors and catches their attention right off the bat.
Upload your video to YouTube. With more than 2 billion views every day, YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world. Use that popularity to your advantage!
Start up a video blog. You can either make the video the entire post, or you can use a short video to illustrate one of your points.
Send videos to your email list. After all, your subscribers are counting on you for the very latest and very best information. With a video, they can watch all the information they need!
Use your online video marketing campaign in conjunction with the power of social media. It’s easy to upload videos onto your Facebook fan page or link to them on Twitter.
Turn several videos into a video training series that you can send to your membership group. Or, you can use a single video in place of a webinar.

How much does it cost to tap into the video script writing expertise of professional journalists?

Our 30-second video scripts are just $80 - a real bargain when you consider all of the benefits that a great online video marketing campaign can bring to your business!

Purchasing is Easy!

Premier Content Source will prepare your unique content with the personalized care we are known for. Our goal is to provide you with our quality product within the shortest possible turnaround time.


Step 1: Make payment. Your privacy is safe and secure with our payment processor, PayPal.

Step 2: Following your payment to PayPal, you will be directed to our personalized order form.

In order to meet your needs, we need some input from you. Using the form provided, please provide us with your particular requests and any specific instructions or details. Please include 2 to 4 keywords for your script.

Also, we suggest you provide us with the URL address. This enables us to tailor our work to the style and character of your site.

Step 3: You can expect an immediate reply from us, usually within 1 business day. We'll confirm your details, and respond to any questions you may have. Within a few business days, you'll receive your video script via the email you provided in your order form.

For special projects, or if you have any questions, please contact Nicole directly at


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