Bella’s Back… And Answering Your SEO Content Questions!

Since my first blog post was such a success, I’ve decided to take control of the keyboard once again!

THIS is the face of an SEO content expert!

This time, though, I’m responding to my fan mail… oops… I mean, all of the questions you sent me:

Dear Bella,

Could you take a look at my home page?  I think I may have used too many keywords.




Hi Beth,

I hate to tell you, but your home page looks like my toy box – stuffed to the gills!  Keyword stuffing hasn’t been cool in my 1 ½ years on this planet, so make sure your SEO content is written for humans (and cats!) first, and search engines second.  Otherwise, I’ll have to find you and slash you.


Hey Bella,

I have such a hard time writing sales copy.  Got any advice?

–  Chris


Hi Chris,

Luckily for you, I’m a pro at writing sales copy (after all, I’ve taken plenty of naps on my Mom’s desk while she’s written it!).  Basically, it comes down to one thing – telling your readers how your product can help them.

Think of it in terms of my favorite catnip-filled mouse.  All my Mom needed to know was that he was soft, cuddly, and filled-to-the-brim with catnip.  She didn’t need to read hundreds of words of hyped-up, sales copy.  She didn’t need to read testimonials from other cats.  It’s a catnip mouse!  He’s awesome!  End of story.


Hi Bella,

 I’m thinking about building a bunch of quick websites, filling them with OK content (not great, but not terrible), and seeing how they do. What do you think of my plan?




Hi Mike,

No offense, but I think your plan belongs at the bottom of my litter box.

Seriously, if Panda and Penguin (not to mention your own human visitors) haven’t taught you how important kick-butt SEO content is, there’s nothing I can do to help you.  Just be sure to get a big scooper and some industrial-sized air freshener before you go ahead with that plan, because it stinks!


(Got any questions for Bella?  Send them to her Mom

.  Bella’s not old enough to have her own email address yet.)

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