Get Your Content to Give You More of the Pie (or is it Pi?)

Happy Pi Day! 

Unless you’re a math whiz, you probably didn’t realize that today was Pi Day (3.14 for all of you counting at home!)  Since most of us won’t be toasting the day with an acceptance letter to MIT, why not celebrate by getting yourself a bigger slice of the Google “Pi”?

It’s really not that hard to do; it just takes some creativity.  After all, Google’s universal search results include a whole lot more than just regular ol’ links.  These days, you can get your press releases, videos, and even pictures ranked right on Google’s first page.  Combine that with some kick-butt articles or guest posts (you know, the ones that show up in Google’s “traditional” results), and you can wind up landing several spots of prime Google real estate.

That way, you’ll send your competitors off the front page — and, more importantly, show people just how awesome you are. 

After all, you have to really earn several spots on page one!  If you’ve got them, people are automatically going to assume that you know what you’re talking about.

Best of all, taking more of the Google pie means that you have to put your very best foot forward.  You won’t be able to get there without a solid content marketing plan, hard-core information, and a presentation that grabs peoples’ attention. So, you won’t just be working hard to impress Google.  You’ll be working hard to impress your target audience, too!

Once you’ve come up with the right content marketing plan, celebrate with a big piece of pie.  After all, it IS a holiday!

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