Make Your Web Content Sweet in Honor of National Ice Cream Month!

It seems like just about everything has its own celebratory month, day, or week these days — from plum pudding, to tortilla chips, to chocolate covered raisins!

But, seriously, how can you pass up the chance to celebrate National Ice Cream Month?!

Whether you love chocolate or vanilla, feel free to go all out all month long, thanks to a declaration that Ronald Reagan made back in 1984.  In fact, coming up with National Ice Cream Month was the perfect idea, since it’s estimated that over 90% of the U.S. population likes the cool treat.

But before you help yourself to another scoop, you need to come up with web content that’s just as sweet!

If you want your articles, blog posts, and videos to become instant crowd-pleasers (just like a big bowl of ice cream), you’ve got to work at it.  Consider all of the research you do to be the “churning”.  Then, be sure to let your web content “sit in the freezer” before you publish it, so that you can approach it with a fresh set of eyes (perfect for shoring up your writing and catching any mistakes!).  After that, “scoop it up” into the best “bowls” you can find — meaning your content should only be published on authority websites that cater to your target audience.

Tackle your web content correctly, and you’ll wind up with lots of loyal customers — the ultimate “cherry on top”!

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